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ANGAR Trading Co.

ANGAR Trading Co. is a Canada-based, full-cycle global distributor of fresh and dried foods. From farms we own and operate to a vast network of food growers throughout Latin America, we grow, harvest, custom-pack, air and sea ship and distribute exotic fruit, herbs, fish and seafood, grains, coffee, sugar. oils and many other staples. We have successfully grown through the pandemic with now nearly a decade of distinguished service and expansions into various continents.

Our Vision
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Our vision is to create a worldwide network of mutually beneficial trade, procuring the absolute finest in healthy, natural products for our clients from sustainable producers in the Americas region countries. Learn more about our our company.

Our Products
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We know that food trading is one the best ways to support our clients growth. At ANGAR Trading Co. we are passionate about providing fair-trade, naturally-sourced products.

Our Partners
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If you wish to learn more about ANGAR Trading Co., would like to place an order or become a distributor, please contact us.

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Exotic Fruit Season coming 

September  2022

We are excited to announce that a short season of mangosteen and sugar mangoes is coming soon.

Actually, we are taking care of the flowers that become amazing fruits for a short period of time, it is called "traviesa" or prankish in English.

This is a sudden and small harvest that mother nature provided before the big season in February.

The king of Colombian Pacific Coast 

November 2022

Better known as Chontaduro, this palm fruit is the king of exotic fruits on the Colombian pacific coast. Famous for its aphrodisiac effects, according to the locals even though there are no scientific studies, the visitors and locals eat it a lot with salt and honey

The new season just start,  and the first half-ton of these fruits is already sold however more are coming in the next weeks. Keep connected if you are interested to test this amazing flavour

Chontaduro Nov 2022.jpg

Notice of Site Selection

December 2021

ANGAR Consulting Services team (ANGAR Trading's administration company) has identified and selected several sites in the farmlands of Colombia for possible acquisition in 2022 to secure prime production and logistics of Herbs, Mangosteens, Sugar Mangoes and other exotic fruit bound for Canadian imports.

Colorful Fruits
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