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Our Company
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We grow fast like our food, but we never grow old. At ANGAR Trading, we are a passionate and vibrant team of multi-disciplinary professionals in a number of countries engaged in the sustainable and environmentally-friendly, fair-trade distribution of the freshest produce from the fertile lands of Latin America into the tables of Canada and beyond.


At ANGAR Trading Co. we are dedicated to the health and safety of our customers, partners and growers. We source our products exclusively from fair-trade-certified producers and transport and store them on temperature-controlled flights and freighters all across Canada and in other countries.

Our Strategy
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Based on trust and long-term relationships, we have built a network of wholesalers and retailers all across Canada who benefit from very fresh produce delivered right to their retail market doors or distribution centers with a full-cycle of harvest to delivery sometimes as short as 3 days. It is this relentless pursuit of freshness and quality and an extremely responsive customer service in the rare eventuality when product replacement is necessary that has earned us a well-established name in the industry. 

Environment & Sustainability
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At ANGAR Trading Co. we are environmentally conscious, and only source our produce from fair-trade-certified growers and exporters. Likewise, we ensure that our food-production partners are GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) certified. 

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